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Working in Canada

International student can work on campus and off campus. Full time student in diploma or bachelor program can work on campus where they're registered without working permit as long as possessing a valid study permit.

International student can work off campus during their study duration but they will need a working permit. Student is not allowed to work before his working permit is issued. Student can work off campus for maximum 20 hours per week during academic period and he can work full time during holiday, e.g summer, winter and spring holiday. Holding a working permit is not a guarantee for student to get a job. He has to find his own job. If the student is no longer a full time student or can't maintain his academic performance, he has to return his working permit to Canada immigration office.

International student is permitted to do a co-op as part of study program in a related field. For doing this, student will need a work permit.

International student can work in Canada after graduating from his study program by applying a working permit called Post-Graduation Work Permit. Post-Graduation Work Permit validity depends on student's study duration in Canada and the maximum is three years validity. For example, four year program student can get Post-Graduation Work Permit for three years validity if he meets the requirement. For eight months program student can get a Post-Graduation Work Permit not more than 8 months validity.

Requirements for applying Post-Graduation Work Permit:

  • Full time student with minimum eight months study duration
  • Student has to apply for Post-Graduation Work Permit within 90 days after receiving written confirmation, such as transcript from the institution; that the student has fulfilled the requirement to accomplish academic program
  • Student has to accomplish and graduate from study program and receive a notification stated that the student has a right to get a graduation
  • Student still has a valid study permit