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Visa & Study Permit

International student intended to study in Canada must have a visa and study permit in Canada. Student visa has to be obtained before departing to Canada. Student visa can be obtained by applying to Canada Embassy. Before applying student visa, student has to be accepted by the institution in Canada and receives the acceptance letter.

Students are advised to apply student visa at least two months before the commencement date. The required documents for student visa application are:

  1. visa application form
  2. identification card (Passport/ID Card)
  3. acceptance letter
  4. financial documents shown student has a proficient fund during study duration in Canada for tuition fee, traveling fee, and C$10,000 per year for living cost.
  5. statement letter from guardian in Canada for under 18 years old students (for the provinces of Alberta, Manitoba, Ontario, Prince Edward Island, Quebec & Saskatchewan) and under 19 years old students (for the provinces of British Columbia, New Brunswick, Newfoundland, Nova Scotia, Northwest Territories, Nunavut & Yukon)
  6. medical check up. Medical check up will add few weeks time of visa application process. In this case, the visa officer will issue the medical form and give the required instruction.
  7. in case needed, visa officer will contact the student for interview.

Upon arrival in Canada, student has to informed immigration officer at the airport that he is an international student by showing the student visa and acceptance letter, and then the officer will issue a study permit for the student. International student has to leave Canada by the time or before the study permit expire, or extend his study permit at Canada immigration office.

Student can transfer from one institution and/or program to another institution on the same level. But in the circumstances of the study permit state that the student has to attend a certain school and if the student would like to transfer to another school, he has to apply for a new study permit and provide required documents. This process can be done while the student is still in Canada. For complete information about transfer process, please contact Canada Education Counselor.

Student who studies for less than three months doesn't require study permit. In this situation, student can enter Canada by tourist visa. International student who studies with tourist visa has to leave Canada by the time or before the visa expire.

Student visa application can be rejected by visa officer due to several reasons such as:

  • lack of financial document which support student during study duration in Canada.
  • fail to pass medical check up test
  • visa officer doubts that the main reason of the student leaving for Canada is studying
  • visa officer doubts that the student will leave Canada after completing his study