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George Brown College
George Brown College was founded on 1967 and it is a public college of applied arts and technology which has full accreditation and its campuses located at downtown of Toronto, Ontario, Casa Loma, St. James and Ryerson University. George Brown College is one of largest college in Canada who offers apprenticeship training, certificate, diploma and degree program and one of the programs has link with Ryerson University. According to comparative study on college at Ontario showed that nine of ten graduated student of George Brown College get jobs within six months since graduation. On October 2008, George Brown was stated as one of "Canada's Top 100 Employers" by Mediacorp Canada Inc., and announced by Maclean's newsmagazine. George Brown College was also stated as one of Greater Toronto's Top Employers which is announced by Toronto Star newspaper.

George Brown College offers programs as:
? Architectural Studies
? Computer Technology
? Construction Technologies
? Business
? Chef School
? Community Services
? Dance
? Design
? Early Childhood
? Engineering Technologies
? ESL and Teaching ESL
? ESL for International Students
? Fashion
? Financial Services
? Health Sciences
? Hospitality and Tourism
? Immigrant Education
? Jewellery
? Liberal Arts and Sciences
? Nursing
? Theatre
? Work & College Preparation


George Brown College
P.O. Box 1015, Station B
Toronto, Ontario
Canada M5T 2T9