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University in Canada offer certificate, diploma, undergraduate, master and doctorate degree program. Bachelor program or also known as undergraduate program is about three to four years depends on the major taken, while for bachelor honours program takes longer time. Master program needs two years duration after graduating from bachelor honours program. Doctorate program takes three to five years duration for studying, doing research and preparing a dissertation as the graduation requirement. In general, student has to achieve his master degree before continuing to doctorate program, but in some circumtances, student with bachelor honours degree can directly continue to doctorate program without achieving master degree.

Tuition fee in Canada universities is lower than USA universities whereas the eaduation quality is equal. Canada education is charged under each province and area responsibilities. Therefore every university has various programs depends on the excellent of each province and area. Usually international student finds difficulties to directly enter to universities in Canada due to the high standard of academic and English, but every university has different entry requirement. For certain profession in medical, education, law and social will need internship to obtain a working license.

University Ranking in Canada
  1. Waterloo
  2. McGill
  3. Alberta
  4. Toronto
  5. UBC
  6. McMaster
  7. Queen's
  8. Western
  9. Saskatchewan
  10. Sherbrooke
  11. Guelph
  12. Simon Fraser
  13. Dalhousie
  14. Laval
  15. Victoria
  16. Memorial
  17. Ryerson
  18. Calgary
  19. Montreal
  20. St. Francis Xavier
  21. Wilfrid Laurier
  22. Mount Allison
  23. Ottawa
  24. Acadia
  25. Manitoba
  26. Concordia
  27. Winnipeg
  28. Lethbridge
  29. Regina
  30. UOIT
  31. New Brunswick
  32. Saint Mary's
  33. Carleton
  34. Brock
  35. UNBC
  36. York
  37. UPEI
  38. Bishop's
  39. St. Thomas
  40. Trent
  41. Mount Saint Vincent
  42. Windsor
  43. Laurentian
  44. Brandon
  45. Lakehead
  46. Moncton
  47. Nipissing
  48. Cape Breton
Source: Maclean Magazine - University Ranking 2009

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